• Guide to receive quotes

    To save time for you, to respond as soon as customer information requested. Here are some guidelines for getting quotes:

    1. Call Hung Phuoc Lo Plastic & Rubber Company Hotline: 0903.64.8882 -, 8:30 - 17:30 daily (except Saturday & Sunday).
    2. Online quote: Hung Phuoc Lo Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd will contact you in the soonest time, after receiving the booking table from 8:30 am to 17:30 pm daily (except the afternoon 7 & Sunday).
    Please see the instructions for receiving the quotation below:
    Step 1: Select the product to quote on the website: www.hungphuocloi.com, www.phukiencaosu.com, www.nhuahungphuocloi.com.
    Step 2: Send the image of the product to be quoted, quantity, product code (or size of product), drawing size details & details to change, material weight (for the product order) as required ) .
    Step 3: Send customer information: phone number, email, company name.
    Step 4: Review all information and send to email: hungphuocloi@gmail.com / hungphuocloic.m@gmail.com. Or zalo: (fastest feedback).
    Employees of Hung Phuoc Loi Co., Ltd will contact you to respond to orders and quotations in the shortest time.
    If you have not received an e-mail or received a response after requesting a quote. Please call:, for early reply.
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